Online Marketing That Drives Customer Growth

For high-ticket B2B Businesses.

Is your company website generating leads and sales?

Most businesses, especially those selling high-ticket B2B, have it all wrong when it comes to websites and online marketing.

They focus on creating impressive designs and clever tag lines, or talk only about themselves... when they should be focusing on turning visitors into leads, and leads into paying customers.

You're investing time and money into things like social media, branding, SEO, or paid ads, but if your website isn't lined up with your online marketing to drive sales, then you're missing the bigger picture: marketing is first and foremost about getting customers.

I work exclusively with high-ticket B2B businesses to improve their online presence so they can attract more customers, and grow their market share.

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Hi, my name is Diarmuid Kidney

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I can help you to...

Identify your top marketing priorities so you can stop wasting time and money on things that don't deliver results.

Create a consistent stream of new potential customers who are pre-qualified and motivated to engage with you, month after month.

Get more leads, customers, and sales from your website.

Here’s what I can do for you

Website Development & Redesign

Develop a new website from scratch or redesign your existing one to improve conversion from visitors to leads.

I achieve this with...

  • Customer-oriented copywriting
  • Simple and intuitive User Experience (UX)
  • Compelling "Calls to Action" (CTA's) and opt-in forms that exchange value for contact information
  • Email follow-ups that nurture leads into customers automatically

Online Marketing

Drive more traffic to your website to increase lead volume and sales.

I achieve this with...

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing and content creation
  • Analytics and performance tracking
  • Ad retargeting
  • CRM system / process setup

Learn How To Improve Your Website And Online Marketing Fast

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